Cheers for Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products

Hello friends, Congratulations to you all for participating in this superb run of Gujarat Reclaimed Rubber. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and your continuous support. Even in this relatively dull market, GRRPL has done remarkably well. The stock has been a major outperformer and has more than doubled since our initial recommendation @ 875 … Continue reading Cheers for Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products

Results Update – [Manjushree & Gujarat Reclaim]

Eid Mubarak & Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all our readers. It is a great festive time and I hope we all are enjoying the early weekend. Couple of our favorite companies did very well in the first quarter and here is an update of the same: Gujarat Reclaim Rubber (CMP 1050): The co has posted … Continue reading Results Update – [Manjushree & Gujarat Reclaim]

Gujarat Reclaimed Rubber Products (GRRPL)

Rubber recycling looks like a good business – as it is both profitable and eco-friendly. Given the rising prices and supply limitation of natural rubber, usage of reclaimed rubber is more economical (costs Rs 40/Kg) and bound to increase. Add to it the opportunity to expand this business. There was an article which highlights the … Continue reading Gujarat Reclaimed Rubber Products (GRRPL)

Updates from quarterly results and AGMs

“management’s indifference and shareholder negligence both worked on Warren’s behalf, for the fewer folks came to the show, the more valuable would be whatever knowledge he could wrest from the company.” – from The Snowball where WB talks on the importance of attending AGMs There is a lot of fear in the markets and several … Continue reading Updates from quarterly results and AGMs

Notes from company visits and AGMs

Last few days have been one of the most interesting and learning days for me. I travelled with a group of fellow investors and friends to Gujarat on company visit of few of the companies of our interest. We had some fantastic discussions day and night, and were able to do some very exciting ground … Continue reading Notes from company visits and AGMs

Updates from the company visits & AGMs

During the past few weeks, we have been on the move to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and meet the companies we have been tracking. A lot of effort has been in re-understanding the companies and preparing proper questionnaires to get a bigger and longer term picture. We are in process of preparing detailed … Continue reading Updates from the company visits & AGMs

A review of FY12 Results [Updates]

The annual results are coming out and it’s a good time to re-evaluate the portfolio and also start considering what lies ahead for FY13. Here is an update on the performance of some of our ideas: Gujarat Reclaim Rubber: We had first discussed about this idea at 875 levels and provided multiple updates. The stock … Continue reading A review of FY12 Results [Updates]

Q3-FY12 Result Updates

When the majority were bearish, the markets surprised them by giving a strong upwards swing. Most of the stocks prices have improved by about 20%+ in less than a month. This is why it is always advised not to time the markets. Rather than remaining on sidelines, one should target companies doing well and yet … Continue reading Q3-FY12 Result Updates

Results season – Hits and Misses

Quarterly results are good to introspect the stock ideas we are invested into. We review the performances to stay with winners and switch out of stocks where the companies are not performing as per expectations. It is heartening to notice good performances by most of the companies we are invested into. Gujarat Reclaim: – The … Continue reading Results season – Hits and Misses

Welcoming Samvat 2068…

Dear Friends, Wish you and your family a very very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali!!! May Laxmi Ji shower her blessings and Ganesh Ji his happiness on all of us. On this auspicious day, do participate in Samvat 2068 – Muhurat Trading session from 4:30 – 6 pm. Our Muhurat picks are: Nesco (560) Avanti Feeds … Continue reading Welcoming Samvat 2068…