About the Dalal-Street.in: At Dalal-Street, our team of financial analysts conduct an in-depth research on various stocks and share our findings with our clients and readers. We post various new ideas from time to time while continuously researching new stocks. The idea of investing and teaching was kick-started by Mr.S.P.Mittal who has been investing for more than 30 years.

About the Authors: The blog is authored by Mr.S.P.Mittal, CA Ayush Mittal, CA Roopali Mittal and CA Pratyush Mittal.

Mr.S.P.Mittal has been a full time investor and adviser since late seventies. His experience of over 30 years helps us in identifying various business patterns and readily provides us a brief history of a company’s promoters and actions. His optimism, fresh-progressive-thinking and techniques are our biggest assets. He prefers small and micro cap companies with a niche business model and a huge margin of safety in them. He has won several awards and has also served as the President of Rotary Club of Lucknow Baradari (2003-04) (R.I.Distt-3120).

CA Ayush Mittal curiously saw his dad (Mr. S P Mittal) researching on stocks and enthusiastically followed him. Ayush started researching in stocks in the early 2000s, when he was in class 12th and it soon transformed into a passion. After becoming a chartered accountant, he plunged full time into investing counselling. He loves to read annual reports, derive valuations, interact with new people and share his ideas. He focuses on learning about business models, company’s financials and doing groundwork to get a better understanding of a company’s long term goals and future prospects.

CA Roopali Mittal gained experience in esteemed corporates. Her strong analytical skills pulled her into investing. She has a firm belief in the great Indian Consumption Theory and has been working on it.

CA Pratyush Mittal has a keen interest in value investing and also has a passion for coding. He likes to write and design modern financial web-applications to make the life of investors easy.

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  1. Very useful information on this site. I like it. where i can see new recommendations on this site?

    1. Hi,

      You may subscribe to “free updates via email” (option is at the top right of the website) to get updates on new ideas.


  2. Hi,
    I urgently need latest list of BSE and NSE listed companies in excel format, but I am not getting it on net.
    Can you please help me where I can get the list in excel format.


      1. Arre??? We are based IN Lucknow.

        *CA Pratyush Mittal*
        Dalal-Street [A Blog of Value Investing]
        FuLLy-FaLtOo [A personal fun blog]
        Social media: Google+ | Twitter | Facebook

  3. I like most the facility to search stock based on query. It’s a wonderful feature. I like this site very much.

  4. A couple of stocks which I would like to bring to your notice. Cochin Minerals and Rutile Ltd and Umang Dairies Ltd

    1. Thanks for sharing. We were able to buy some qty of Cochin early…exited recently. Will take a look at the other one.

  5. Ayush,
    Pls hv a serious look at Sree Rayalseema Hi strength hypo. Pls keep in mind that almost the entire debt in the company is on account of windmill which is secured against specific windmill assets. The main chemical business is virtually debt free.

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Yes, we are tracking the same and also own some. It looks to be a good stock idea.

    1. The co has been doing quite well and if the recent developments are to be successful, then stock should continue to do well. We were lucky to do timely entry into the stock few months back.

      1. Dear AM, r u still holding Steelcast? Your recent views please. Why had u bot it in the first place? What attracted u to this co in the first place? Thanks in advance.

        1. Hi,

          We exited the stock post Q1 results at about 210-220. We had bought it had Rs 90-110 (pre-split and bonus) when the co had started posting good performance and the stock was trading quite cheaply. The co was doing good things and hence we got interested.

    1. Sorry, not tracking it closely. If i recall correctly, then there have been some concerns on the quality of promoters.

      1. Oh gr8, thanks .. is there any more details you could give me.. Or any other sites wherein i can read more on them.. On seeing their financials, their revenue on a QoQ basis has increased from FY09. EPS is good. so wanted to know more about it.

        1. Nothing much at my end but this co has been covered by several analysts earlier also, perhaps a google search will throw up lot of data.

  6. Dear Ayush,
    Sometime back I had posted personal contact details of Harold Kharduid. Kindly delete the same from this blog immediately as I am unable to do so.. Will be highly grateful.

    1. Hi Sandeep, the comment has been deleted. It might be still in the Google cache though and should soon get cleared from there too.

  7. Hi Ayush, I have been looking at Shilpa medicare for quite sometime. Would it be possible for you to help me out in this regard ? I have a few questions which I am submitting here, basically trying to understand how their business has evolved over the last few years.
    1. Who all the pharmaceutical partners that Shilpa is currently supplying to?
    2. What is the geographical mix of the company’s revenue?
    How much are they earning from oncology API, and what all are the new
    products that they would be looking at ? What is the breakdown of other
    API sales and other business.

    4. What percentage of revenue comes from US, EUROPE & rest of world?
    5. Revenues generated from India sales ?
    6. What are the margins of API business ?
    7. guiding the sales forecast for the next 5 yrs?

    1. Hi,

      1. Actavis, Ratio Pharma, Sandoz, Intaas Pharma, Dr Reddy etc
      2. Majority is exports (70-75% of turnover) and majority to Europe.
      3. Don’t have details.
      4.Mentioned in point 2
      5. 20-25%
      6. I think it should be about 30%
      7. Co doesn’t disclose future plans.

  8. Hi Ayush, what is the data source that you use for Screener? For Sree Rayalaseema, BSE has results till June 12, and your data shows only until March 2011. I love the interface, but need to know potential weaknesses that may be resolved soon.

    1. Hi,

      Sree Rayalaseema hasn’t declared audited FY12 results its seems and hence the annual results are limited till 2011 on various sites.

  9. In IST Ltd: What is the period of Rent sharing between Gurgaon Infospace & Unitech Ltd & in which year this will end

    1. The building is on the land owned by IST and hence the sharing is for a long term period. No timeline has been given

  10. Hi Pratyush/Ayush,
    Is there a way to calculate ROCE on quarterly basis. And even some other financial ratios.

    1. Ratios like ROCE etc, which require Balance Sheet can’t be calculated on an quarterly basis as cos don’t post their balance sheets on quarterly basis.

    2. You can still use this formula: ( EBIT – Tax ) / ( Equity capital + Reserves + Debt ) * 100

      to calculate ROCE using trailing 12 month figures for revenue and capital using the last balance sheet.

      1. thanku Pratyush:-).How can I delete a customized financial ratio from My financial ratios?

  11. Dear Pratyush, Knowing my limitation, i will not be good at using your screener. For the benefit of people like me, can u list 10 stocks from your screens, which look very good from the parameters that u like for investing? Also why do u not accompany your brother during co visits?

    1. Hi Bina,

      Screener is much more than just a stock screening tool. It is very useful for analyzing a stock as it shows all the data on a single page, along-with some of the important ratios tailor made by us. It also provides Pros & Cons on top for a quick snapshot. You can also use it for setting email alerts to track good latest quarterly results (I would personally recommend setting a new results alert for The Bull Cartel & Growth Stocks screen).

      Please give above features a try as they are very easy to setup and use. For our favorite stocks, we do mention some of them on the homepage of Screener (for not logged in users).

      I have recently started visiting a few companies and would post the notes from them soon :).

      Please let me know if you face any issues or any problem in setting up alerts.

    2. Hi Bina,

      We are constantly trying to simplify the Screener as much as possible. Screener is useful not only for screening purposes but also for analysing stocks. Embedding our experience over the years, Screener will show the primary Pros & Cons for any stock (and this is a good starting point to analysing them). You also get all the financial data at one place.

      For our 10 favourite stocks, we do mention them on the homepage of screener (if you are not logged in) and also on our performance sheet: performance.dalal-street.in

      There is also a screen called growth stocks, you can set an email alert for that to keep a tap of good latest results.

      Recently I did begin visiting companies (have done 3 company visits till now). Will be posting their details soon.

      [Ps. I posted a comment here earlier, don’t know why it din’t show up]


    1. We might integrate notifications about changes in Change Log in Screener itself, however in the meantime you can use blogtrottr.com (we love this site for setting email digests from any website).

      1. Hi Pratyush
        Had some problem in registering with blogtrottr.com. Now have subscribed to dalal-street.in via blogtrottr.com.

        Will i get alerts in mail when Ayush makes changes in Change Log

        1. Hi Mallik,

          I confused “Change Log” with the change log on Screener: blog.screener.in

          For email updates about Performance Sheet change log, a page monitor service may help: http://www.followthatpage.com/

          Will try to find some way to integrate Performance Sheet change log with the RSS Feeds.


  12. Hi Pratyush

    Thanks for the entire dalal street team for this wonderful screener. I enjoy using it.

    Just wanted to check one thing with you.

    The Balance sheet totals seem to be not matching with the figures given in annual reports. e.g., I checked for Sundaram Brake Linings, Sterlite, Grasim, Maithan Alloys. Even the Current Assets and Current Liabilities figures don;t seem to be matching.

    Am I missing something on How to read this?

    This what I am trying to do ultimately: Current Assets – Total liabilities. There is no Total Liabilities or Total Assets in your Balance sheet variables. I am not able to calculate manually also these figures, because there is no way I can calculate Non-current liabilities or Non-current assets from the variables.

    Please help me with these 2 questions: 1) Are the Balance sheet figures right? 2) How do I achieve the CA – TA calculation.



    1. Hi Sundar,

      From this year onwards, the presentation of balance sheets has changed with the amendments in Schedule VI of The Companies Act. Consequently, the figures of “Current Liabilities and Provisions” are now grouped under the Liabilities side in the Annual Report. In Screener however, the old format of Balance sheet has maintained to make previous years figures comparable.

      Thus in Screener, “current liabilities and provisions” are not grouped under “Sources of funds” but reduced from current assets. Thus the figures are correct and it’s just that the grouping has changed (with the same net effect).

      You can get “Total Assets” by using “Balance sheet total + Current liabilities” in custom ratio.

      Hope that helps, do let us know if you face any other issues.


      1. Hi Pratyush

        Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.

        I was able to get it worked out.

        Thanks for the great tool and the great web site.

  13. Hi, I’m trying to use the screener. It’s a great tool. I have a concern about the data for Greaves Cotton. The ROA says 16.2; but when I check manually the calculation is trailing earnings / assets 2012 = 177.01 / 665.45 = 26.6%? Similarly ROA preceding year should equal earnings 2012 / assets 2012 = 185.49 / 665.45 = 27.8%, but your ratio calculator says 12.6. I’d appreciate it if you could help me figure this out.

    1. Hi,

      For ROA, we have taken total assets including current liabilities (Rs.427 Cr current liabilities in this case) in the denominator.

      Let me know if you feel it requires a revision.

      Glad that you liked the Screener :),

      1. It’s awesome. So good that I’m determined to use it even if I have to bug you to explain it to me.

        I’m not an expert or a full-time professional in the field. But I’ve never seen ROA calculation include current liabilities with the assets. Is this a standard practice? Would you mind telling me the financial rationale?

        1. The rationale was:

          Total Assets should be Fixed Assets + Investments + Current Assets

          If we take only the total of balance sheet as the total assets, then it considers “working capital”, i.e. net current assets. Thus I took Total of Balance Sheet + Current Liabilities

          Thanks a lot of the appreciation :).

      2. Also, is it possible to get trailing other income? Your ROIC calculation takes EBIT but includes Other Income. For stocks like RIL the trailing other income is much higher than last years. Therefore, to effectively screen, I need to create a new ROIC ratio deducting trailing other income. For now I am using last yr’s EBIT – last yr’s other income.

          1. Thanks for the quick and clear replies. Other income is showing nullCr, perhaps it takes some time to clear in the system?

  14. Hi Pratyush,

    Using financial ratio’s, can we find out whether a business or the company is capital intensive or not? Need to find companies which are not capital intensive.


    1. Hi Mallik,

      “Companies in capital-intensive industries are often marked by high levels of depreciation and fixed assets on the balance sheet.” – Investopedia

      Using above, you can use something like this to screen capital intensive companies:
      Net block / ( Balance sheet total + Current liabilities ) > .6

      For non-capital companies, you can reverse the equality sign.

  15. Hello,

    Tata Steel standalone debt as per screener is 30482.41 cr, actual annual report number is 21353.2 cr. Skews enterprise value and earnings yield calculations of screener.

      1. Thanks. Current liabilities is 16903.64 cr in annual report but is 19875.88cr in screener. This will change the balance sheet total too. Shares outstanding as of mar 2012 for basic ordinary EPS is 96.15 cr but shown as 95.94 cr in screener. I’ve found a few more – if you’d like me to email them as opposed to posting them here do let me know. Also, I believe that these errors appear because Economic Times is your data source?

        1. The differences are due to the recent change in Schedule VI. Primarily, earlier the annual presented liabilities as Loans and Current Liabilities; however as per the changes the liabilities are presented as long term and short term.

          Thus the data has been regrouped at various places to make the data comparative with previous years.

          I have sent you an email. I can help you reconcile the differences over email.

  16. Hi Pratyush,

    Is there a way to find out free float or Can a ratio be created to know the free float of a stock?


    1. Hi Mallik,

      We don’t have the data for Trade Payables yet, thus accurate float is not available currently.

      However, you can use difference between Current assets and Current Liabilities, or Trade receivables and Current liabilities as a near substitute.

      Best regards,

  17. First and foremost, kudos for bringing out this ingenuous and yet simplistic tool.

    1. Could you let me know the status of providing the Ratio Deletion feature?

    2. In the Ajanta Pharma snapshot, u have used R&D expenses. I could not find any variables related to these. Are the figures shown, as part of manual input post the excel export?

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Thanks. As of now we don’t have the ratio deletion feature…will add soon. In Ajanta Pharma the R&D details have been provided by doing manual calculations from the annual report

  18. Hi Pratyush,

    Is there a way to find the following :
    1.Net Sales Growth 2.Core EBITDA Growth 3.EBIT Growth 4.PAT Growth 5.EPS Growth

    If Core EBITDA Growth can be found, it be of immense help.

    1. Hi Mallik,

      The Sales and Profit Growth variables are available in Screener.

      EPS growth has been a bit difficult as they adjustments for all historical corporate actions. We are still working on it and trying to find some way for it.

      For EBIT/EBITDA growth variables, I will discuss it with team and add it soon.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Pratyush/ Ayush

        How to know whether a company is minority shareholder friendly or not ?


        1. Several factors need to be kept in mind like – div payout, accounting policies, related party transactions, no or once in a while equity dilution etc

  19. Dear Dalal Street Team,

    To introduce me , long term investor aged 57 ,but you whole team is doing the wonderful job, Your humbleness touches the heart of the
    investor, when you say ” if you detect anything wrong , tell us”.

    Kudos to your efforts, and the vision SPREAD THE INVESTING LOVE.

    With warm regards AND
    due respect . Vakharia MJ

  20. Dear DS Team,
    i cant receive ur suggested tips mail, plz suggest me where i got ur tips at right time

    1. Dear Sir,

      We would like to share that we are not sharing tips etc. This website is for discussing value investing ideas…it is upto the individual to research on the same and invest then.

      To get our updates, you need to register your email id. The option is available at top right of the website.


  21. debt capacity bargains screener (prof sanjay bakshi) is not working for sure. please check and confirm, i checked it on 3 out of 8 rsults, and its all wrong. Please update

    1. Hi Manish,

      The screens are created by the users. We are unable to check the logic in all the screens.

      In the given screen: http://www.screener.in/screens/131/Debt-Capacity-Bargain-using-Cashflows/ the user seems to have taken the total operating cash flow of 5 years instead of average of 5 years. Changing (Operating cash flow 5years) to (Operating cash flow 5years / 5) should solve the problem.

      We have fixed it for the given screen.

      Thanks for reporting.

  22. Hi guys I love your blog. I grew up in India and moved to the States a few years back. I currenty work as an equity analyst at an investment bank. I was wondering if you guys could help me: I am looking to access the annual reports filed by an Indian subsidiary of a US listed company. How can I do that? The NSE and BSE sites list annual reports for publicly listed companies.
    Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.

  23. Dear sir

    my e-mail id is already registered with ur site
    plz. guide me
    sandeep seth

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for registering on our website. You will automatically get an email update whenever a new article is published.

      Being long term investors, we a able to write a new article in a fortnight or a month.

  24. Would like to congratulate on the unique design of Screener.

    Few suggestions:

    1. It would be very beneficial if we can export screener results
    2. We cannot see Symbol/Ticker as part of screener results
    3. Interactive chart with various indicators when clicked on the name of a stock

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hi,

      The option to export the results, and have interactive charts is
      under development. We hope to make them public soon.

      The company page currently provides the links to the exchanges where listed. Will try to add the exchange codes on them too.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the feedback.

  25. I was Looking for Beta of Stocks.
    Also The result which we get are not Listed Industry Wise.
    If this is a possibility I would be very obliged to see this change.

    1. Beta must be available on the website of NSE & BSE. As we are more into small caps and mid caps, we invest on fundamental analysis and don’t look into the Beta.

  26. just came across this blog and find it great. I am also a investment analyst and would keep sharing my views. In financials one can look to add Dhanlaxmi with a 3 year view…

  27. Is it possible to screen stock based on daily or average volume? Could not find a filter for volume…

      1. I believe it would consider todays volume, but how do we get average volume for 10 days or 30 days? Besides when we type volume it does not pop up as other parameters does!

        1. Yeah, it considers the 2 days volume of both the exchanges.

          Currently we don’t have the details for historical volumes. We will however soon include the details for the scripts included in the call auction due to low liquidity.

  28. Hi,
    I wanted to use the EV/ 3 yrs Avg.FCF ratio. Please let me know whether it is available

    1. Hi Vinay,

      We don’t have the ratios for FCF currently as we don’t have the numbers for “Capital Expenditure”. As the next best substitute, one can use Operating cash flow 3years + Investing cash flow 3years for free cash flows.

      Do let me know if you have any other queries.


  29. congratulations for such a great service like screener. Im Turkish citizen whom is imterested in indian markets and your site is very helpful.
    but is there anyway to export watchlist to excel? i cant run my valuation models without excel. so if there is such possibility pls let me know.

    1. Hi Doncello,

      We are glad that you find Screener useful.

      Currently there is not an option to export the watchlist, however I will try to implement it soon.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and feedback.

  30. Hello ,

    I m a very small investor I wish to start investing with the stocks you have mentioned I have full conviction with the stocks you have mentioned kindly guide me how should I start up with investing as per the portfolio mentioned please help me


    1. Hi Tejas,

      To start investing best thing is to get an understanding of the things yourself. Before buying into a stock idea, do your homework well and go ahead only if you are convinced on the logics and the prospects ahead.

      Start small and keep investing some money regularly (like an SIP). Once you get the grip of things, you may increase the exposure. Also, would suggest you to have a bit diversified portfolio and have atleast 15-20 stocks..this will help in building a framework.

  31. Hi guys! I don’t seem to be able to make price a financial variable to screen on. Specifically I want to find beaten down stocks, so price last 5 years < -30% or price last 3 year growth < -20%… any ideas on how I can do this?

    1. We have added Historical PE variables recently: Historical PE 3Years, 5Years, 7Years and 10Years.

      These can be used to filter beaten down stocks, something like: Price to Earning < Historical PE 3Years * .7

      To sort on same, you can create a new ratio. Something like: PE Fall 3Years with a formula Historical PE 3Years / Price to Earning

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks, it does help. Such a formula means multiple has fallen whereas, sometimes price can fall due to fall in earnings. And such a formula would miss such stocks right. Nevertheless, better than not having any way to get beaten down stocks 🙂 Also, is there any way to get the industry / sector as a display field in the screen? And is it possible to export the results of the screen into excel?

        1. Yeah, to filter out the stocks where the PE has fallen due to fall in earnings, the same can be written as:

          Price to Earning 30%

          No, currently there is no way to add an Industry column, but will try to include it (it was available earlier but got out in the updates).

          The export to excel option is also being worked upon. Hopefully it will be available soon. In the meantime you can increase the number of results per page.

          1. Thanks Pratyush. Am really looking forward to the industry & export to excel options as it will save me loads of time. Any volume variables available in screener? I’m trying to filter out illiquid stocks from my results. Couldn’t find turnover or volume in the list of variables.

          2. Ah, perfect. Is that daily volume, or average of last week / thirty days?

          3. Two days average of the total volume across both the exchanges. We might soon add a variable to filter out illiquid stocks classified under Call Auction.

          4. Ok, great. By the way, do you have any tips for a rookie investor to buy a large amount of stock? Say I want to buy 2,00,000 of a share which has an average turnover of 2.5 lakhs. How can I go about this in a way that doesn’t distort my price too much, considering the whole point is to satisfy the screened criteria. Currently I buy in lots of 100 shares with limit orders.

  32. hello ayush… love your blog… i am budding quant analyst and love reading your articlies… your screener is simply superb… it would be great if i could talk to you… could you share your contact no. and email id…it would be an honour… you may email me the details on my id: ronak.raichura@amsec.in

      1. Hi Ayush,

        I love the work that you are doing here. I think great work always pays off well. Like Mr. Munger says, the best way to achieve something is to deserve it. And I think you deserve all your success.

        I am a beginner in the field and would love to meet with you/talk to you to get some help through your accumulated wisdom. Can you please help me get in touch with you?

        My email address is varenya@gmail.com. I tried to look for a contact address here but couldn’t find one. I am sorry to get in touch in this way.


    1. Screener checks the movements in the promoter holdings both on long term basis and short term basis. In few cases, the promoters might have bought shares in long term, but sold in short term (or vice-versa). In such cases, it shows both under the pros and cons.

      Hope that helps.

  33. Hi Pratyush

    Is there a way to calculate the power of a number (exponent)? Basically for calculating CAGR = (end value/ start value ) ^ 1/no. of periods – 1.

    Is there a way to represent ^ in the expressions?

    Thank you


  34. Hi, can you please help me with the following:

    I fail to understand why Bajaj Investment Holding Co. which owns ~30% of bajaj Auto and ~40% of Bajaj Finserv is selling for only ~8500 crore. Instead if someone independently purchases ~30% of bajaj Auto and ~40% of Bajaj Finserv, he will have to shell out ~21000 crore. Apart from these two mammoth ownership, Bajaj Investment Holding also owns several other investments and the company is debt free.

  35. Hi Ayush / Pratyush, Wish you and your family a very happy diwali. I hope to meet you guys in december during my vacation as I plan to accompany my father on his weekend visits to your office.

    Vikkas Malhotra

    1. Hi Vikkas,

      Thank you and our best wishes for Diwali to you too. We would love to meet you.


  36. HI Team,
    Thanks for providing this wonder full tool. I have 2 question.
    1. How to read the balance sheet which you provided. Which part is liability and which part is Asset.? (I am new to finance, forgive me if this question seems silly)
    2. Where can i see the trend of Equity and Debt of past 10 years of a company?


      1. Hi Pratyush,
        Thanks for the reply.
        If you see the Total of Assets and Liability, both are same. How come?

        1. Yeah, that is exactly the premises on which the modern accounting system of dual entry works: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-entry_bookkeeping_system

          The presentation style of financial statements is governed by Schedule VI of The Companies Act, which did introduce some changes in presentation form 2012. But the overall core of accounting remains same, according to which the sum of total assets will always be equal to the sum of total liabilities (including capital).

  37. Dear Dalal Street Team,

    I have found the screener website a very useful and powerful reference tool in my journey of learning investing. I love playing around with various metrics to analyse various companies. And the best part as a budding value investor is one is getting something of immense value for free. I hope you create a mechanism so that the screener website is kept active over a long period of time for free or at a reasonable price (in which a system to ensure the data is always up to date and accurate be implemented)

    Kindly consider the following points:
    Currently you could add an option in the screener website, wherein users can pay some amount (how much ever they want), for supporting the hosting and maintenance of the website and data. Another option could be you could provide an option where users who liked the site and want to contribute in some monetary way, a list of your favorite charities to which users can contribute through online payment

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hello Sandeep,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words of appreciation.

      Our primary aim is to spread fundamental investing to the maximum audience possible. We feel this can be done by providing powerful and easy to use tools.

      We understand that at one point we will require to make screener self sustainable. I will surely share your ideas with the team when we discuss on those lines. Currently we are only focusing on getting maximum users to use screener so that the per user costs comes down to minimum.

      Do spread the investing love: http://www.screener.in/spread/

      Thanks again,

  38. Hi Ayush/Pratyush,

    The work you have done have no words to appreciate it. it is incredibly remarkable.
    Can you please answer my 2 questions
    1. The data fetched for screener.in is through some web api or manually entered? If api which website?
    2. The pros and cons listed. Are they entered manually or based on some computations on values.


    1. Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      The data is sourced from multiple sources and providers. The pros and cons are automatically computed based on the series of checks we provide.

      Hope that helps,

    1. Its a proprietary formula build giving weightage to growth, undervaluation etc. We would not like to share the formula as of now.

      Thanks & Regards,

      1. So, you said that it is also the meter about growth and not only Fundamental. So, how long time frame do you keep with it? Can you please give me example. Like If G Factor = 10 then what I can expect in say 12 months if I stay invested in it. I saw that with G Factor = 3 (Nile Ltd), also I gained 80% in short period. I am in trouble, I cannot ignore it and cannot believe it because I do not know what actually it is.

        1. G Factor is based on few of our criterias. For each criteria satisfied, the company is provided 1 point. So if all points satisfied, the score is 10. These criteria are based on growth and the quality of growth. Since we keep revising the conditions, providing them is not easy.

          Overall, G Factor is just an experimental ratio we created for ourselves, primarily to keep a track of latest results through email. DON’T USE IT BLINDLY TO BUY OR SELL STOCKS.

          1. But seriously you should devote a blog post for G Factor. You can mention that you cannot disclose How exactly G Factor is Created but you can surely tell what we can drive from it and how frequently it can change or what can cause G factor revisit from your system etc. This will help a lot to all including you. You can refer to that page over and over when someone ask you a question. Disqus comments can also help when it will be at one place.

  39. Hello DS Team,

    First of all, I must congratulate you on the Simple yet wonderful portal. Its great to see something readymade what we(I and my friend) wanted to make for our our own research and analysis.

    What i love about it is “Simplicity” and Simple is Beautiful. Social Learning angle is a BIG BONUS.

    Can you help to answer some of my questions about Screener.

    1) About Screen View. How can we add “CMP”, % change over x,y,z years (adjusting splits etc) and delta with index on the same chart as new coloums ? Basically to see stock’s performance as absolute returns and Index compared.

    2) Is there a way to check performance of a screen against Index, Particular Stock or another Screen. Assuming, i consider stocks in screen as basket under 1 Fund ?

    3) Do you have advanced services in the portal on subscription basis .(Like a PRO account) ?


    Amit Aggarwal

  40. Hi Pratyush/Ayush,
    I just wanted to clear a doubt.
    On screener.in, in Cons section for Mansanto it mentions as company paying less tax where as for Kaveri seeds it does not mentions this.
    Can I know logic behind this? As both are agriculture sector companies.

    1. For Kaveri Seeds one will have to click on standalone nos. By default, the screener is picking up consolidated nos but they are available for just FY13….and hence not showing the relevant con.

      Once the standalone nos are selected, it will highlight the low tax payout as con

  41. Hi Team,

    First of all thanks a lot for such wonderful tool, where we can search, customize, go through each and every details about the company…:)

    My only feedback to you is that please update the link to the company website as it is redirecting us to the economic times web page.

    One query : In the excel sheet which I have downloaded, there is a formula for getting the sales growth which I am unable to understand, can you please give a brief info about the logic of calculation.


    1. Hi Vikas,

      We use Google’s “I am feeling lucky” feature for linking to company websites. On rare occasions, it points to wrong urls.

      In Excel sheets we have used the compounded growth rates to make the figures comparative.

      Formula = POWER( FINAL / INITIAL, 1 / Years) – 1

      1. Thank Pratyush for the clarification…could you pls check hind zinc excel..it is corrupted.


  42. Dear DS Team,

    Few days ago i posted comments and questions and i cannot see them now.
    Can you please check ?

    Posted by Amit Aggarwal
    Disqus name: KorAiran


    1. Hi Amit,

      We use the Disqus commenting system which automatically sorts the comments based on popularity. It does not sorts the comments in chronological order by default.

      You can see all your previous comments here: http://disqus.com/KorAiran/

      Hope that helps,

  43. Hello Team,

    I wish you all a very happy new year 2014 !!!

    In this new year, Is there any plans to add following features to the screener
    * New variable and column for 20 / 10 / 7 / 5 / 3 years CMP growth %
    * New variable for filtering stocks in particular sector (eg., Auto)


  44. Hello… I am new to this wonderful world of screener… I need some helo from you.. i want list of scrips as per Market capitalization > 500cr AND ROC 172.. How to do that.. thanks in advance for your help…

  45. Dear Dalal street team,
    I appreciate your work with the screener. The user interface, the info displayed , the experience, everything about it is just right, I can even say almost perfect, atleast to me. Believe me or not, I was a pure technical trader till i came across screener. I found it very hard researching fundamental stuff about companies so I limited myself to technicals. Now that I have screener, I into fundamentals as well! Thank you people. The reason I am posting this comment is I would like to request you people to add crisil rating to the company details page if you people think it would be worth doing.
    Thanks again,
    Happy investing..

    1. Thanks a lot Django for the appreciation. We are glad that Screener has been helpful to you.

      Having credit ratings will surely be surely awesome, but I am not sure how doable it is. Still, I will surely give it a try.


      Ps. Django is also the name of the web-framework on which Screener has been built :).

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I had never seen anything built using Django. I am a developer also, now you have made me look into django as well. I really liked the experience using screener. If it is only about feasibility, I might be able to lend my hand. I am not sure, I am only an enterprise app developer, never tried anything on websites.

  46. Dear AYUSH, Piccadly Agro is around 47% of recommended price 3 yrs back. back.Performance does not look attractive. You suggest accumulate. Pl dvise the rationale of your recoomendation. Rgds, Suresh

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Yes, the stock didn’t do well from the initiation post. However, after the fall and improvement in performance since about last 1 year, we have recommended an accumulate on it in early 20 levels. So the average price now would be about 25-30.

      Rather than going by price, we prefer looking at the fundamental performance.

      Over last few weeks the stock has done well and is back to close to 40 levels.

  47. Hi dalal-street, screener.in team, I really like the screener.in. I want to build android application for this. will you provide me that opportunity?

  48. Hi Saurabh. Thanks for offering to help.

    Screener.in has a responsive design. The website automatically fits the elements on mobile devices. Do you think it is a good idea to have a native mobile application too? Won’t it require an additional maintenance and support?

    Jeff Atwood has criticized about the native applications: http://blog.codinghorror.com/app-pocalypse-now/ . Would like to have your views.

    Thanks again,

  49. Hi Ayush,

    Have you by any chance looked at Umang Dairies. In Sept 13 qtr, some launch and roll out costs of new products was expensed out which out brought down the OPM%. The stock price has taken beating thereafter. Looks a good candidate for accumulation at CMP. You may have some ground information about its products in Lucknow

    Sandeep Somani

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      I haven’t looked at it….will take a look. They have just launched operations in Lucknow but its too early to tell.

  50. Dear Sir,

    Your Screener is quick and very useful. It would be great if you could include following data as well

    1. 3 Year High and Low
    2. 5 Year High and Low
    3. 10 Year High and Low

    As the market grows volatile 1 Year range is not really helpful in determining stocks movement capability.

    1. Hello Uma Shankar,

      We don’t have the usable price details for multiple years. The proper price data involves various adjustments for corporate actions such as splits and bonus.

      As a substitute, you can use variables of Historical PE 3Years / 5Years / 10Years.

      Hope that helps,

  51. Hi Ayush/ Pratyush. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better this tracker than other trackers I have used. I was wondering whether you guys would be adding a back testing feature and average ROIC feature as well.

    1. Hello Tushar,

      Average return on capital variables are available in screener by the names of:

      Average return on capital employed 3Years / 5Years / 7Years/ 10Years

      Back-testing will require too much of a backend work, and we are not working on adding it anytime soon.

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation :),


  52. Hi Ayush, I just saw your website and foudn it really awesome
    keep it up.
    however if you time if you can give your view about Granuels India as well Caplin Point Laboratory. Both of these companies have
    good fundamental as per my study , but would like you to plz share your thought.

    1. Hi Vijay,

      In ref to Caplin, please visit the discussion forum on valuepickr.com. Some strong concerns have been raised.

      In ref to Granules, the concern is the high debt. Otherwise the company seems to be doing well.

    1. Hi Zaheer,

      Screener considers the latest quarterly results too while calculating the book values. Over the last 12 months, the company has suffered a loss of 147 Crores. Screener shows the book value after considering the same. This might be the reason for the difference.

      Other sites don’t always calculate the book values on the consolidated basis. That might also lead to the differences.

      Hope that helps,

  53. Hi Ayush,

    If possible could you plz share your view on the below stocks.
    1- SMS Pharma
    2- Aarti drugs.
    3-Dhanuka Agritech

    Many thanks.


  54. Hi,
    Which data source does screener integrate with to get the market/company data?
    Is there a way to access the NSE/BSE data that screener uses, in its raw format (either through screener or through some other data source?
    (purpose is to conduct some analysis on my own)

    1. Hello Dyuti,

      Screener uses multiple sources of data including the exchange websites.

      Sorry, currently we don’t have any APIs to provide the data in raw format. There are few APIs provided by Yahoo and Google; you might like to check them.


  55. Dear Ayush,

    My compliments on a great site. Was wondering if two parameters could be included:

    1. Free float market cap

    2. Institutional holding in %

    Thanks and Regards
    Ravi Apte

  56. Ayush,
    Do you track Kesar Terminals? I am trying to get more detailed information on its new logistics hub coming up at Pawarkheda in Madhya Pradesh. Obviously, I need more info than what I got from the management at the AGM. Management indicated that they would be going slow on other investments while concentrating on the Pawarkheda project.

  57. Hi admins!

    Loved this blog and screener.in. God bless you for helping the retail investors!

    Just one suggestion:
    While analysing a stock, copying the data from AR pdfs to personal excel sheet is a time consuming but necessary process. Is it possible for screener.in to provide the financial statements in downloadable excelsheet formats?


  58. hi…hows orient beverages ltd…any idea about dis stock…its license holder of brand name BISLERI…

    1. Had come across the same…but couldn’t understand as to what would be the major growth triggers. Let me know if you have some insights.

      1. thanks..if u have any news about dis company then let me know bcoz i m intersted in dis company….

  59. HI Ayush, You guys are awesome, I would like to contact you. Please could you provide your email id. Thanks

  60. Hello,

    How to add a column with share price I bought so that I could calculate dividend yield based on my buy price and not current dividend yield

    1. Let me know if there is a way to calculate dividend yield based on the price with which the stock was bought

      1. Hi Vinay,

        Currently it is not possible to calculate dividend yield on the buy price on screener. Maintain a Google spreadsheet might be a good alternative for this purpose.

        Hope that helps,

  61. Hi Ayush
    I saw one of your earlier comments that you were working on Anuh Pharma. What was the result. I am interested in the company. Unfortunately the annual reports has very little qualitative information

    1. Hi Venkatesh,

      We did buy and some and continue to hold. However, there have been limited details about the co and hence couldn’t get much of new insights.

      It was good to see the co declaring an interim dividend after Q1 results.

  62. In the Intrinsic Value and the Graham, what formula’s are used by Screener, since there are couple of ways which arrive at different values.
    Plus, both Intrinsic Value and Graham are relative to ‘n’ no of years in future, what is the value of ‘n’ used by Screener?

    MOST IMPORTANTLY. amazing website and amazing initiative.
    Where is your physical office to get in touch with the team?
    Also, when are you planning on Paid Subscription for Premium Services ?

  63. Hi, amazing Initiative Dalal-Street.

    What formula’s are used by Screener to calculate the Intrinsic Value and the Graham? since various formulas give various values.
    Plus, both the Intrinsic Value and Graham are essentially dependent on ‘n’ no of years for estimation,. in that case what is the value of ‘n’ used by Screener?

    When are you beginning a Paid Subscription for Premium Services?

    Where are you physically located ?

    1. Hi Cherin,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      Intrinsic Value and Graham are old user created ratios, carried forward from the previous version of Screener. At that time we didn’t moderate the public ratios. For this reason we can’t comment on their accuracy or their calculation. I won’t recommend using them and rather create your own valuation ratios.

      We are currently not focusing on any paid subscription. We want motivate more people into value investing by providing them better tools.

      We are based out of Lucknow.

      Hope that helps,

  64. Hi Ayush,
    Firstly, Kudos for the website to you and the developers. It’s really informative.
    But I’ve stopped receiving updates for the companies in my watchlist. Can you please check what the issue is? Also, do share your/helpdesk email ID in case of other such queries.

      1. Hi Ayush,

        Thanks for providing a great blog and website. I too miss email notifications.

        If sending emails is a problem, updates can be shown in watchlist page itself. Once user reads them, he can remove it. This is similar to how email works. I hope this is technically feasible.


  65. The interface of the site is very good. The screeneer would be more functional if you could also add some technical indicators.Hope to see future updates regarding this.Keep up the good work.

  66. hi Ayush, I would like to appreciate you for the commendable job you are doing. People like me, who are earning just the required amout and saving out of it to invest in stock market. Your screener tool comes as an angel. Free of cost, when I don’t have a penny to spare to get paid services is great. with your tool i’m able to research properly and efficiently without playing around here and there. though, I don’t have money to get paid services and I don’t know how are you funding hosting and maintainance costs . But, please, put a ‘Donate’ sort of button as well, so that whenver I make some money, I can put my share for such a beautiful work you are doing. Morally, such a site should be maintained & funded by BSE/NSE and God knows what they are doing with Investor Education Fund. I’m really happy. i feel confident while investing because of your tool. Thanks and pls keep it going.

  67. Hi,

    In your portfolio, the gains/losses on exited stocks are calculated based on current price, should it not be on the price when exited

  68. Dear Ayush,

    Just a suggestion, Please provide a way to export custom screened data into excel file.

  69. Please tell me filters for below ;

    Step 1: Find companies with sales > INR 250 crores.

    Step 2: Find companies with debt to equity 15%

    Step 5: Find companies with PE ratio < 25

    1. Hi Awin,

      You can use following query to find such companies:

      Sales > 250 AND
      Debt to equity 3 * Interest last year AND
      Return on equity > 15% AND
      Price to Earning < 25

  70. Really Appreciate your efforts in educating a novice people like me …. Need to say you are an expert Web designer …. Specifically I found the stock screener very useful …. Many Many Thanks.

  71. Hi Mittals,
    I cannot commend you enough for the great work you are doing. Its such a valuable service you provide to all of us. Are there any plans on starting a commentary or analysis of Mutual Funds in India” I think it would be helpful to get some views on the expense ratios, managers etc.

    1. Hi Siddhartha,

      Thanks for the encouragement. We don’t track the mutual fund space and don’t think we will be able to value add in that area.


  72. Great website…kudos…keep it up !!!!
    Which are the applications you can develop or have developed

  73. Hi Ayush,

    One stop place to get all information related to stocks.

    Where can I view your recent picks or new recommendations in this site. Kindly guide me to get relevant information. thanks in advance.

  74. I wuld like to know your views on Patels Airtemp India Ltd.They have a strong order book of 210 Crores which is more than two times
    their average yearly turnover. Moreover, the company has received a
    huge export order of 56 crores fro Essar Oil recently.

  75. Hi,

    Is there query component available to find upper circuit or lower circuit scripts? e.g.
    list of all scripts on uc for last x days
    list of all scripts on lc for last x days

  76. Hello Ayush, Good Day. I as wondering what factors you considered while calculating the Intrinsic value and how you actually calculated it.. Cold you please shed some light on this.

    1. Ayush, just read that the Intrinsic value is put some other user. …Anyways, awesome application. All the Best.

  77. Sir i lost lot in stock market pls suggest me where to invest and how can i get ur recom. every month .pls reply

  78. sir i m a great fan of ur recommendation and i followed it for freshtrop fruit. i also want to invest more can plz suggest me some good scrips in long run. thanks

  79. excellent !! fantastic … hope you won’t charge for these services in future :-p. keep it up ..:)

  80. Hi , Can you add another column for the maximum circuit limit allotted for the particular share ?

  81. enterprise value shows up as rupees , it should be rs in crores i feel, its misleading pls update it.

  82. I was totally surprised when i landed up on the screener.in site. A clean interface with the power of querying is a well thought about approach towards data mining.

    Surprisingly its free.

    Your efforts are commendable and my sincere best wishes to the entire Mittal family.

  83. Hi Bala,

    We wish to add the feature of tagging companies in watchlist, something like Gmail does.

    Due to paucity of time, however, I haven’t been able to devote much time on developing it. Hope to do it sometime in future.


  84. I have been using screener for the past few months and it is just an amazing tool…. Great product design which makes it extremely user friendly and very efficient which gives the results within no time.

    Such a terrific product at absolutely no cost – one of the most valuable products I found in this world…. What more can a value investor expect 🙂 Hope you can continue to keep it free….

    Keep up the great work and wish your family well.


  85. Thanks for the good work. I have a query whether I can search in screeners? Their are total 5791 screens so browsing them is not practical.

  86. I have created my own screeners CANSLIM1 and CANSLIM2. However from today it stopped giving results. Can you please help advise on the reason?

  87. Not sure what’s happening to my account. When I login, I can’t do anything – like a) Search company b) See watchlist c) Run query. This problem has started from last week only. It was all fine till then. When Iog out, I can search companies.

  88. Hi I am a constant visitor at screener.in I would like to know if you can add group / Index to the stock. So that I want a list of stocks which belongs to a specific criteria but are of A Group or B group only.

  89. Getting data for Magic Formula List is quite time consuming and also finding right data is difficult. I hope, I can use this list for Value investing.. Thanks!

  90. Dear Screener.in team,
    Like many other fellow investors have already mentioned in the comments below, Screener.in is absolutely brilliant and highly useful. Pl accept my best wishes and sincere appreciation towards the same 🙂
    I am a regular at Screener.in and hence requesting for a particular feature (not sure if it already exists and I am unaware of the same); “Can we get a filter for industry or an option to not only create the screens based on the qualitative factors but also do it for industries of our choice?”. Screener.in, I am aware mentions the industry along with the name of the Company whenever one gets into the details of any particular company. Hence this info is already captured somewhere. Can we just incorporate the same in the screens section?
    Many thanks, once again even for the current shape and form of Screener.in.
    Warm regards,

  91. Can you help me to get Promoter holding data in ‘Export to Excel’ data sheet.

  92. screener needs update urgently. volume messed up. opm datas & sales growth datas are frequently faulty non updated

  93. i am a longterm investor in cptmkt having compounded 20percent last 34 years .i wish you all the best for doing a good work to small investors which is the only way to beat inflation and to survivr among the looting politician and bureacrats of india .luckily modi came .hope there will be no war between india nd china

    pl stae ten long term scrips with good corp governance which is most imp in the indian context for inv purpose for ten years

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