Welcoming Samvat 2068…

Dear Friends,

Wish you and your family a very very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali!!! May Laxmi Ji shower her blessings and Ganesh Ji his happiness on all of us.

On this auspicious day, do participate in Samvat 2068 – Muhurat Trading session from 4:30 – 6 pm. Our Muhurat picks are:

  1. Nesco (560)
  2. Avanti Feeds (115) / IFB Agro (145)
  3. Balkrishna Ind (171)
  4. GIPCL (82)
  5. Indag Rubber (135)
  6. Gujarat Reclaim (1250)
  7. Atul Auto (107)

Look forward to your views. Have a happy and safe festive time!

10 thoughts on “Welcoming Samvat 2068…”

  1. Happy Diwali dear Ayush,

    Want to bring your attention to Borosil Glass Works. Sitting on huge cash reserves. Your opinion please


    1. Thanks for the idea. The issue with cos with loads of cash on balance sheet is – corporate governance. Even an excellent co like Piramal Healthcare is trading cheap due to less clarity on the pile of cash the co is sitting on.

      Have a look at Nesco on similar lines. The co has a huge prime property in Mumbai and is creating consistent cash flows.

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