Updates from the company visits & AGMs

During the past few weeks, we have been on the move to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and meet the companies we have been tracking. A lot of effort has been in re-understanding the companies and preparing proper questionnaires to get a bigger and longer term picture. We are in process of preparing detailed notes and will share them in coming weeks. Here are some quick updates:

1. Mayur Uniquoters: It was one of the most pleasant and well organized AGM. The company welcomed the shareholders with open arms and proved to be a great host. The management seems to be hands on the business and way ahead of the competition. The company has a fantastic track record (50% CAGR growth in net profits over last 5 years) and has one of the best financial ratios (ROCE of 55-60% with a good dividend pay-outs).

Mayur aims to be a 550 Cr. turnover company by 2015 (company did a 315 Cr. turnover in 2012). They have undertaken a backward integration project and the same is being carried out at their new plant. The company aims to bring down the rejection rate to be able to enter the highly lucrative US Auto OEM market. The company has been building relationships with some of the best names in the industry – Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, GM etc. The orders from BMW & Mercedes have been slow and they expect the same to pick up in 1-2 years. The backward integration project should get completed by Sept-Oct, 12.

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A review of FY12 Results [Updates]

Comparison of Stocks against Sensex

The annual results are coming out and it’s a good time to re-evaluate the portfolio and also start considering what lies ahead for FY13. Here is an update on the performance of some of our ideas:

Gujarat Reclaim Rubber: We had first discussed about this idea at 875 levels and provided multiple updates. The stock did very well despite the weak markets. The Q4 nos are pretty weak and below expectations in terms of profitability though the top-line growth is intact. We feel that one should consider the annual performance also wherein the company has grown the topline by 30% for the year and net profits by 45% despite the weak Q4. It may be just a weak quarter due to several reasons like – write off of Plant & Machinery due to fire in the last quarter and loss of production (majority to be recovered by way of insurance), increase in employee cost due to one time bonus etc. and fluctuation and appreciation of rupee resulting in lower margins.

As per notes to accounts, the company has partially started the new production capacities and may be the growth will bring back the profitability. For FY 13, we do expect the company to grow 25-30% once again.

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Apcotex Industries Ltd (NSE, BSE : 523694)

Apcotex Ltd was spun-off from the prestigious Asian Paints in 1991. Since then the co is part of the “APCO” group of companies headed by Mr. Atul Choksey (former MD – Asian Paints).

The company is one of the leading producer of polymer products namely Synthetic Latices & Synthetic Rubber. They have one of the broadest ranges of products based on Styrene – Butadiene chemistry. The company has developed the technology through in-house R&D and upgrades the same continuously.

Company has been doing very well for last 5 years and growing at a CAGR of 26% and did a turnover of 200 Cr in FY 11. It seems the management is much more aggressive now and aims to do a 500 Cr turnover by 2013!

Other scoring points are :

1. Promoter Quality – The promoters have more than 3 decades of experience in paints and chemical industry and are experts in the field of chemicals.

2. Good corporate governance – Company seems to have very good internal controls and systems. For last 5 years the company has been following the Japanese TPM method. The company has been regular in financial reporting and progressive dividend pay-outs. They even went for a buy-back during 2009.

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