Happy Diwali: Muhurat Picks and Quarterly result updates

Happy Diwali

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali friends.

Tomorrow is the Muhurat Trading session from 3:45PM to 5PM and we would recommend all our readers to take part on this auspicious day.

Our muhurat picks are (in no particular order):

  1. Atul Auto
  2. Balkrishna Industries
  3. GRP
  4. Mazda
  5. Polymedicure

We are also studying Maithan Alloys and Aarti Drugs, and one may make an entry into them.

Further, the quarterly numbers have been good so far. A brief update about the latest numbers:

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Updates for Financial Results 2012

Dear Friends,

FY 2012 results are now out and the focus will shift towards earnings for FY13. Despite a very challenging market and weak economic conditions, we are happy with the financial results of the companies we track. Most of them have been able to report healthy growth and maintain their leaderships. Many of the companies have raised dividends and are now trading at very low PE (price to earning) and Price to Book (P/B) ratios. Although the macro environment and prospects remain uncertain, there is an opportunity for stock pickers to do their home work and build a quality portfolio.

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Q3-FY12 Result Updates

Dalal-Street Updates

When the majority were bearish, the markets surprised them by giving a strong upwards swing. Most of the stocks prices have improved by about 20%+ in less than a month. This is why it is always advised not to time the markets. Rather than remaining on sidelines, one should target companies doing well and yet available at sane valuations. The Q3 results look good till now. Here is an update on some of our existing ideas:

1. Indag Rubber: The company has posted yet another good set of results. Top-line grows @ 55% and Net Profits @ 85%. Yet the stock is still available at less than 5 times earnings. It looks to have good potential ahead.

Particulars Dec 11 Dec 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 57.45 37.17 54.60% 149.47
PBIDT 7.77 4.44 75.00% 16.69
Tax 1.59 0.85 87.10% 2.89
PAT 5.31 2.88 84.40% 10.75
EPS 10.12 5.48 20.48

*All Financial figures are in crore rupees (except EPS).

2. IFB Agro: The company has posted steady results with strong improvement in margins from the liquor business. The stock seems cheap as it is trading at just 4.5 times the earnings. Technically too the stock seems to be heading for new highs.

Particulars Dec 11 Dec 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 120.97 106.80 13.30% 422.82
PBIDT 14.82 7.73 91.70% 36.27
Tax 4.14 1.86 122.60% 8.40
PAT 8.23 3.47 137.20% 17.82
EPS 10.28 4.33 22.26

*All Financial figures are in crore rupees (except EPS).

3. Gujarat Reclaim: The company remains to be our favorite with its repeated stellar performance. If one considers the superior business quality of the company, superior ratios, management quality etc., we feel this company deserves much higher valuations. Over next one year, the company is in process of expanding its capacity by about 40%+. This stock should get a high allocation in the portfolio.

Particulars Dec 11 Dec 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 62.68 46.20 35.70% 185.04
PBIDT 15.23 7.43 105.00% 33.19
Tax 3.96 1.56 153.80% 8.14
PAT 8.53 3.97 114.90% 17.62
EPS 63.98 58.12 132.16

*All Financial figures are in crore rupees (except EPS).

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IFB Agro

Its results season again and an excellent time to tweak portfolios. For us its exciting times as we get several new ideas to work upon. One such new idea is – IFB Agro listed on both BSE (507438) & NSE and trading at about Rs 105. The co has posted excellent Q1 numbers:

Particulars June 11 June 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 136.07 96.78 40.6% 422.82
PBIDT 15.82 3.67 331.1% 36.27
Tax 4.57 0.17 2588.2% 8.4
PAT 9.05 0.93 873.1% 17.82
EPS 11.31 1.16 22.26

IFB Agro is part of the IFB group and it has two business divisions – IMFL & Agro Marine.

IFB Agro is one of the largest producer of alcohol in Eastern India, having 6 large captive bottling plants situated in Bengal, Orissa and North East. The company has a strong position and had made sale of 5.5 lac cases of IMFL products in 2011. The value of sales of Liquor division in 2011 was 327 Cr vs 241 Cr last year.

In the Agro Marine division, the company is into exporting of Prawns and selling of Feeds business. The agro marine industry was going through a tough time till 2009, but since mid 2010, the situation has improved and the future is bright. IFB has a 48% market share in the shrimp feed business in West Bengal. In FY 2011, the company achieved a turnover of about 122 Cr vs 52.59 Cr. “IFB Royal” is the brand name of the frozen marine product of this company

The liquor business is witnessing a strong demand and hence the company has set up a new bottling plant at Panagarh, West Bengal. Company is awaiting for a couple of approvals to start the operations.

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