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19 thoughts on “Disclaimer & Privacy”

  1. What’s your source of all these data on screener.in ? I see some minor discrepancies in balance sheet entries when comparing with other sites. For instance Book Value of Zensar Technologies is more than its actual value reported by many sites.
    BTW a great effort in putting up screener!

  2. What’s your source of all these data on screener.in ? I see some minor discrepancies in balance sheet entries when comparing with other sites. For instance Book Value of Zensar Technologies is more than its actual value reported by many sites.
    BTW a great effort in putting up screener!

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      The data is sourced from multiple data providers. While calculating ratios on Screener, we have multiple layers of optimizations which might be a reason for differences:

      1. We calculate ratios based on consolidated numbers where relevant.
      2. We also consider latest quarterly numbers (TTM) figures for calculations.
      3. We make adjustments for extraordinary line items.

      Do let me know if the figures appear wrong after the above optimizations.


      1. Hi Pratyush

        I am talking of Book Value here, which depends on annual balance sheet so ttm consideration should not cause an issue. Can you pls correct one of my doubt regarding Zensar’s balance sheet:


        If you grep for “reserve”; you will notice that at one place it is mentioned that: The Company’s reserves and surplus as on 31 March 2014 were 901.73 Crores as against 685.31 Crores in 2012-13. Now if you search further in its actual balance sheet it is mentioned that reserves are 60049 lakhs (600.49 Crores).

        And this is what is creating confusion. Which figure to take: 600.49 crores OR 901.73 crores. moneycontrol.com is using 600.49 while screener uses 901.73. This causes very wild changes in book value.

        I would be glad if you can have a look and rectify any discrepancy if needed.


  3. On Screener we are taking 901.73 + 55.96 + 67.31.

    901.73 because it is the consolidated reserve + equity, i.e. it includes the performance of the company’s subsidiaries proportionately.

    55.96 and 67.31 because these are the net profits of last two quarters. The net profits flow into book values until distributed – this can be further reconciled from the September quarter results of the company where they would have provided the balance sheet at the end of second quarter.

    Hope that helps,

    1. Just to correct you here: 901.73 is just the reserves excluding share capital (which is 43.77). BTW; your numbers fit the data now: Book value =>
      243 = (43.77 + 901.73 + 55.96 + 67.31) / 4.39

      But my doubt remains as it is: what made you believe that company’s reserves are 901.73 crores when its balance sheet itself says that reserves are 600.49 Cr ? pls verify from the link of balance sheet provided in my last comment.


      1. Yup, I meant to include the equity share capital.

        I couldn’t get the second part of your question. We took 901.73 because that is what the consolidated reserves are. 600.49 is the standalone reserve. If you wish to proceed with the standalone numbers, then they too are provided: http://www.screener.in/company/?q=504067

        Hope that helps,

        1. Yes Pratyush; that’s what I am looking for. Thanks a lot for educating me on these 🙂
          One last query: when we run some conditions in screener; can we use standalone values there ? Is it configurable to use either standalone or consolidated values ?

          1. The option to explicitly specify standalone or consolidated results for screening is available in the dedicated screening softwares in the market. It is not currently available in screener.

            The use of above, however, is complicated and usually not even required. Consolidated results are almost always more relevant than the standalone numbers. The only cases when they are not of much relevance is when the consolidated numbers are old. In screener, we have an algorithm which goes through the comparative recency, weightage and relevance of standalone and consolidated numbers and then run the filters on the more relevant one.

            Do let me know if you come across any case where Screener picks standalone as default when it should have picked consolidated, or vice-versa. Hope that helps,


  4. Hi, liked the website. Can you throw some light on the technologies used to build it. I mean front end and the back end.

  5. Hi, thanks for such a usefull screener. When it is possible for sectorwise screening.

  6. Hi pratyush..first of all congrats for a such a useful website for retail investors ..have one doubt ?? I am getting roce for ttm but not getting roce for last year.. and what is roce preceding year please if u can clarify my doubt

    1. Hi Viral,

      We calculate the Return on capital employed based on annual numbers and not the TTM numbers. This is because we don’t have the balance sheet numbers in quarterly results.

      The return on capital employed preceding year is the ROCE of year before the last year.

      Hope that helps,

  7. Hi, I too have a blog where I write research reports on Indian companies, how can I register my blog with you (so that my blog’s link appears on your blogroll section)?

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