Quarterly Result Updates and new idea [Indag Rubber]

In these volatile times, I’m happy to see some of our companies doing quite well and the stocks getting the due re-ratings. It just re-enforces your faith in the fundamentals and markets.

We had discussed about Smruthi Organics on 4th April, 2011 at price of 135 and had provided an update recently. The company has posted good Q1 numbers and the stock has had an amazing run – the stock had appreciated from Rs 140 to 250 levels all in 15 days!


Similar, we had discussed about Avanti Feeds on 13th March, 2011 at Rs 33. The company has posted fantastic Q1 results:

Particulars June 11 June 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 109.43 46.92 133.2% 199.62
PBIDT 9.80 2.10 366.7% 12.38
Tax 2.39 1.24 92.7% 1.69
PAT 5.41 -0.68 LP 3.42
EPS 6.77 -.85 4.24

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Smruthi Organics – Update

We had discussed about Smruthi Organics Ltd (SOL) earlier and had highlighted about the consistent growth of 25%+ in this company and attractive valuations of just 6 times earnings. SOL has posted very good Q1 numbers and FY 2011 annual report also looks optimistic. The stock still looks attractive at CMP of 155.

Q1 results:

Particulars June 11 June 10 % Variation FY 2011
Sales 52.84 39.07 35.2% 157
PBIDT 7.09 5.23 35.6% 21.63
Tax 1.54 .74 108.1% 3.91
PAT 3.39 2.49 36.1% 9.71
EPS 8.89 6.51   25.50

Going by the strong Q1 results, it seems the company might be able to hit 200 Cr turnover for FY 2012 and post a NP of 12-13 Cr resulting into an EPS of 30-35.

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Quarterly & Annual result update…


Its results season again and a good time to monitor and shuffle your portfolio. Like we used to have exams earlier, similarly its result time for the stocks we invest into.

In the mid/small cap space hardly 10-15% of the companies have come out with their numbers. Till now the results have generally been on the softer side. The companies are growing but there is lot of pressure on the margin side due to inflation and other factors. Some of our companies which have come out with numbers are:

ABC BearingCompany has posted very good numbers and it seems the expansion we had talked about in our initial post has finally kicked in. At current market price of Rs.150, the stock is trading at about 6 times FY 2011 earnings. Continue holding.

Balaji Amines The numbers are below expectations. Though the topline and operating profits have grown inline with the expectation, but margins have gone down + interest cost have increased + company has provided for a lot of taxation. For the full year the turnover has increased from 262 Cr to 355 Cr and Net Profit has increased from 20.64 Cr to 25.40 Cr. At current market price of about Rs.41, stock is trading at 5 times FY 2011 earnings. We advice a hold at current levels.

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Smruthi Organics Ltd. – BSE Code: 590046

We have been tracking this company for few years and we like the way the company has performed in the last 2-3 years and yet remains ignored and undervalued. We feel it’s a good pharma company to make a part of portfolio.

Smruthi Organics is a small sized pharma company based out of Solapur, engaged in manufacturing of APIs, drug intermediates, specialty chemicals & contract manufacturing. Continue reading Smruthi Organics Ltd. – BSE Code: 590046