How to get free annual reports of Indian listed companies

If you get interested in a company and you read the annual report, you will have done more than 98% of the people on Wall Street. And if you read the footnotes in the annual report you will have done more than 100% of the people on Wall Street.
– By Lessons from Jim Rogers and Warren Buffett

Recently the official websites of the stock exchanges have started providing the soft-copy of the annual reports for downloads. As the same has begun from this year itself, thus not all the annual reports are available on the websites, but the same is expected to be made available for most of the companies as the time elapses. At present the annual reports are available for about 30% of the companies.

The complicated way:

1) Using BSEINDIA website: Search for the stock on Bse India >> Select Annual Reports from bottom right corner (where the snapshot of financials is given) >> Select your annual report.

2) Using NSEINDIA website: Search for the stock on Nse India >> Select Annual Reports from extreme bottom of the page >> Select your annual report.

The Easier Way:

Use Dalal-Street Screener at:

To make it easy for you we have set up a small application which searches for the annual reports both at BSE India and NSE India as well as other sources and provide the download link 🙂 . Also, the search feature on both the above sites (BSE and NSE) is too buggy; to solve the same you can search for any part of the name OR even the script code (eg. 532701 for BSE Listed Company or MANGCHEFER for NSE Listed Company) on Dalal-Street Screener.

Do share any other site if any which provides free annual reports through comments. Also please leave your feedback for Dalal-Street Screener or any queries through comments.

PS: Earlier the link for the above web-application was The same has been moved and integrated with our Screener app to provide even better functionality.

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Friends,

Yeah, I’m a bit late in conveying my new year wishes as last few days have been highly hectic.

Markets have been roaring and stocks are flying. I think we should be careful going ahead and should start building cash levels. Q3 nos will be very important to judge the price vs value for many stocks.

Among the stocks we have discussed at our blog earlier, almost all have done extremely well. Few updates:

Manjushree: After very good returns in short term, I think we should do partial profit booking here.

Fresenius Kabi: Stock has done quite well and looks a bit expensive now. One may book profits on rise here.

Suprajit Eng: One can continue to hold.

Jaihind Projects: I feel the best is yet to come. One may look to add more on declines.

Siemens Healthcare: One should exit due to the merger announcement.

Asian Hotels: Stock has moved up smartly as expected but more room is left.

Few new stock ideas which can be considered at current levels and declines: Vipul Ltd, Himatsingka Seide & Tata Sponge. (I’ll post detailed logic later)