How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Hello friends! Three years ago, we thought of developing a tool to assist investors in research. We imagined a tool, which can exploit the modern web technologies to enable investors concentrate more on research than on procedures. Thus was born the Screener. Over three years, the application was written (and re-written) to make it as rich as possible.

Screener is a modern finance tool to analyse and search new stocks.

Features at a glance

Company Snapshot

Quick snapshot of a company: Screener does a basic boiler-plate job by analysing the company’s financials, and presenting its strengths and weaknesses.

Calculate complex ratios on the fly

Complete flexibility: You can calculate complex ratios on the fly and can customize comparative columns as per your requirements.

Informative ratios

Informative ratios: Screener automatically calculates complex financial ratios such as weighted-average return on equity, profit growth and sales growth. These are calculated for a period of 10 year, 5 year and 3 years to get a proper picture of a company’s history.

Create custom screens

Custom screens: You can provide your own search criteria in form of equations to search across all listed companies for such parameters.

Email alerts in Screener

Set email alerts: You can set alerts for the stock screens to receive automated updates about latest quarterly results.

This is just the surface

Screener has many other rich features which allow you to add annotations, create dynamic watchlists and even create your own custom ratios. You can also use this guide to know more about the features of Screener.

We hope you would feel a great pleasure in using the Screener. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, if you feel any inconvenience in using it. Your suggestions from time to time will very helpful to us in improving this tool.

How to get free annual reports of Indian listed companies

If you get interested in a company and you read the annual report, you will have done more than 98% of the people on Wall Street. And if you read the footnotes in the annual report you will have done more than 100% of the people on Wall Street.
– By Lessons from Jim Rogers and Warren Buffett

Recently the official websites of the stock exchanges have started providing the soft-copy of the annual reports for downloads. As the same has begun from this year itself, thus not all the annual reports are available on the websites, but the same is expected to be made available for most of the companies as the time elapses. At present the annual reports are available for about 30% of the companies.

The complicated way:

1) Using BSEINDIA website: Search for the stock on Bse India >> Select Annual Reports from bottom right corner (where the snapshot of financials is given) >> Select your annual report.

2) Using NSEINDIA website: Search for the stock on Nse India >> Select Annual Reports from extreme bottom of the page >> Select your annual report.

The Easier Way:

Use Dalal-Street Screener at:

To make it easy for you we have set up a small application which searches for the annual reports both at BSE India and NSE India as well as other sources and provide the download link 🙂 . Also, the search feature on both the above sites (BSE and NSE) is too buggy; to solve the same you can search for any part of the name OR even the script code (eg. 532701 for BSE Listed Company or MANGCHEFER for NSE Listed Company) on Dalal-Street Screener.

Do share any other site if any which provides free annual reports through comments. Also please leave your feedback for Dalal-Street Screener or any queries through comments.

PS: Earlier the link for the above web-application was The same has been moved and integrated with our Screener app to provide even better functionality.

The results season has arrived – start the scan

More than 50 quarterly results are announced these days, how to keep track of them ? We use the RSS Feeds created by us to scan through the results. Dad uses the RSS Feeds in Firefox Bookmarks bar and once in a day goes through the list of the latest results.

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Free Stock Screeners for Indian Stocks


At Dalal-Street we have now developed an in-house stock screener at: is a powerful and exhaustive stock screener providing complete flexibility to sort, arrange and customize the search results. Screener also provides advanced options to save stock screens and also set automatic email alerts for them.


Stock Screeners are tools to help us find the stocks based on performance. Though we recently said that we were yet to have a good professional stock screener, we were able to find many. In fact, we were unaware that even BSE had its own little stock screener. Here we compare and review the free stock screeners for Indian stocks.

5) BSE India – Stock Scanner


BSE India provides a small screener to find stocks based on the group, P/E ratio, EPS, LTP and Market Cap. The results are most up-to-date and accurate, however the options are limited.

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Google Finance – The best stock summarizer

Update: We have now built our own stock portal too –

There are many sites which provide the stock summary of India stocks on one page including Money Control, Rediff Money Wiz, Sify Finance, Yahoo! Finance etc. However, Google Finance is what we liked the most, and potentially the best stock screener in making. For financials, economic times remains the best.

Do checkout our custom built stock screener and analytic web-app too:



This is one feature that separates Google Finance from all others. The price charts are very quick providing data for even 10 years (or more). These can be used to compare the prices of your favourite stocks with other stocks or even with the various Sensex. The carts also show the Dividends, splits, bonuses and other announcements in the timeline.

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Awesome BSEXL – One Excel sheet for everything

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

awesome bse

Excel is one tool which we all have used more times than the calculators itself. Then why not get all the data of the companies on an excel sheet ? Awesome BSEXL is an attempt towards that.

Awesome BSEXL is not any hard-to-understand software, but just an excel workbook with the data of currently 1500 BSE listed companies on one sheet. It is like the regular columns found in the newspapers or the Capital Market magazine. However, we have tried to include many other details into it, including following:

  • Script Code and Script Name
  • Last Trade Price
  • Book Value
  • P/E ratio
  • Discount (Book Value – LTP)
  • Sales of last four quarters
  • Profits of last four quarters
  • Sales of past three years
  • Profits of past three years

Using excel filters and advanced filters, you can create queries as you like and make the reverse processing possible (search companies which perform as YOU want them to perform).

We have included the basic advanced filter by default (you can learn more about it at Microsoft site). Thus your capabilities are unlimited.

The data currently in the sheet is only for past 3 years (however you can get data about the companies for more than 10 years here manually). Your comments are more than welcome for future developments.

Download Awesome BSEXL (966kb)

10 (or even more) Years financial data of Indian companies

If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians. – Warren Buffett

BSE India and other sites including Money Control, all provide the financial data of maximum 5 years. So what to do if you want the data of more than 5 years ? Economic Times provides the solution.


Economic Times uses multiple databases and provides the financial data even for more than ten years. The comparative data however only for the P&L Account and Balance Sheet. Same feature is not available for Quarterly results.

Also, I wish if they had a feature to export this data into excel automatically. Apart from this, the service is quite useful, flexible and easy.

Do share other sites (if any) that provide the long historical financial data for free in comments.

Visit Economic Times Company Search