The results season has arrived – start the scan

More than 50 quarterly results are announced these days, how to keep track of them ? We use the RSS Feeds created by us to scan through the results. Dad uses the RSS Feeds in Firefox Bookmarks bar and once in a day goes through the list of the latest results.

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Free Stock Screeners for Indian Stocks


At Dalal-Street we have now developed an in-house stock screener at: is a powerful and exhaustive stock screener providing complete flexibility to sort, arrange and customize the search results. Screener also provides advanced options to save stock screens and also set automatic email alerts for them.


Stock Screeners are tools to help us find the stocks based on performance. Though we recently said that we were yet to have a good professional stock screener, we were able to find many. In fact, we were unaware that even BSE had its own little stock screener. Here we compare and review the free stock screeners for Indian stocks.

5) BSE India – Stock Scanner


BSE India provides a small screener to find stocks based on the group, P/E ratio, EPS, LTP and Market Cap. The results are most up-to-date and accurate, however the options are limited.

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