CHI Investments – Update

ETIG has recommended deep discounted holding companies for long term investment in it’s article:

CHI Investments has topped the list and is still available at approx 84% discount to it’s NAV J. We had recommended CHI Investments at just Rs 25 in our blog post:

With better discovery by investors, this mispricing should reduce going forward. The gap can reduce to 50% of NAV like in other holding cos. If so, the stock has potential to reach Rs 125-150+ in long term. Another positive factor in this stock is – that it is listed both on NSE & BSE and has decent liquidity unlike other small holding cos (which are illiquid). Also, CHI Investments has investments in cos which are related to power sector and have high growth plans.

With increasing media coverage and shareholders, the risk of unjust merger is also getting reduced.

Twittering the Market

Twitter is probably the fastest way to get the news and gossips. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s better than the TV.

Just in case you are new to Twitter, here is Twitter explained in plain English.

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

How can Twitter help me with Indian stock markets ?

Twitter is micro blogging. Thus it is the views of the people YOU like to follow. The people tweet what they believe or like, not what they are paid for. Thus it is different from talks on the TV shows which are often biased and don’t cover everyone who matters.

Some interesting tweets in last 12 hours:

negative pe




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