Twittering the Market

Twitter is probably the fastest way to get the news and gossips. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s better than the TV.

Just in case you are new to Twitter, here is Twitter explained in plain English.

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

How can Twitter help me with Indian stock markets ?

Twitter is micro blogging. Thus it is the views of the people YOU like to follow. The people tweet what they believe or like, not what they are paid for. Thus it is different from talks on the TV shows which are often biased and don’t cover everyone who matters.

Some interesting tweets in last 12 hours:

negative pe




Whom to follow ?

Apart from the above guys ( B50, Sunil, Dead President and Deepak Shenoy ), you might also like to follow the news guys:

and here are some other good people to follow (not much related to stock market though):

Hope to see you guys on Twitter too (just drop your link in comments), do share other interesting people on Twitter through comments.

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