Few Updates

Refer to our earlier posts, we were quite optimistic on selected pharma sector stocks.

Albert David: Has risen from 70 levels to 130.

Fresenius Kabi: Has risen from 70 levels to 113.

Shilpa Medicare: Mentioned at our blog @ 90, is trading at 190 now.

I hope our readers had acted on the calls and made good profits. We would advice booking partial profits at current and higher levels.

Some updates:

Shilpa Medicare has got listed on NSE also.

Jaihind Projects is convening a board meeting to appoint Delloite as their statutory auditor. This should be a very positive move for long term and provide comfort to investors.

Asian Hotels has uploaded few statutory details relating to the demerger. I would advice investors to go through the documents. The documents are available on BSE Website (announcements section)

10 (or even more) Years financial data of Indian companies

If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians. – Warren Buffett

BSE India and other sites including Money Control, all provide the financial data of maximum 5 years. So what to do if you want the data of more than 5 years ? Economic Times provides the solution.


Economic Times uses multiple databases and provides the financial data even for more than ten years. The comparative data however only for the P&L Account and Balance Sheet. Same feature is not available for Quarterly results.

Also, I wish if they had a feature to export this data into excel automatically. Apart from this, the service is quite useful, flexible and easy.

Do share other sites (if any) that provide the long historical financial data for free in comments.

Visit Economic Times Company Search