The ride of CHI Investments

CHI Investments has hit an another upper circuit closing at Rs.44.25. What a wonderful ride it is going on.

We recommended CHI Investments on 15th May on this blog, when its price was Rs.25.


CHI Investments may reach Rs.70 in near future and the old investors should start reducing their average costs (and enter into other value picks). However, we still recommend in holding a major part of the stock for a long term.

The real beauty of the stock is that it is still discounted at around 85% as KEC (forming 50% of its portfolio) too has seen a similar price rise. Seeing the recent trend, it wont be hard for the stock to reach the optimum levels and reduce the discounting.

Keep circuiting up CHI Investments!

CHI Investments – Interestingly mis-priced

chi investments

CHI Investments

Investment Rationale:

  • Holds investments worth Rs. 224.00 Cr as on 11th May, 2009 while it’s own market cap is just Rs. 28.50 Cr. The company is debt free. (Annexure 1)
  • Compared to other investment/holding companies, CHI is available at just 1/10th of the value of investments it holds while others trade at about 1/4th of the value of investments they hold. (Annexure 2)
  • The company majorly holds shares of CESC & KEC International, the stock should move at least linearly to the stock price movements of both the stocks and with better stock discovery, the discounting can reduce giving it a multi-bagger potential. Being in power sector and leaders in their business areas, both CESC & KEC International are expected to do well. (Read the latest Business Line : KEC targets to be a $ 2 billion company in 3-4 yrs.)
  • CHI Investment receives almost 4-5 Cr as dividend/interest income annually.

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