Camphor Allied & Chemicals – Update

We had recommended the stock on 4th July, 2010 @ 100. Since then the stock has done quite well and the price has more than doubled in just 3 months. As the underlying logic while recommending the stock was deep undervaluation, the stock seems to have got the needed attention 🙂

We feel investors may sell at-least 50% at these levels to make their holding free. Some other stock ideas which can be considered for investment are – Balaji Amines & Pondy Oxide.

2 thoughts on “Camphor Allied & Chemicals – Update”

  1. Hi Ayush -tks for the update on camphor.

    I keep looking at ur website for updates on Performance & Status. Its about one month old. When would it be updated -its a good chart for us small investors to follow and imho it would be good if you could update it on a weekly basis, with the index simply soaring, else at least every fortnightly.


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