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dalal_street_0Dalal-Street” is also known as the “Wall Street of India”. This blog is dedicated to thousands of people who are the part of this wonderful world of investing. Their talks, their ideas, their success, etc. will be shared here.

The blog is authored by Pratyush Mittal. He is a Chartered Accountancy student and in the search of investing wisdom. What other place is better to start than our own “Dalal Street.”

To help him in guiding the way through are his wonderful friends and family members. Thanks to Dad, brother and everyone else. Special thanks to Mayur for helping me in setting up this blog.

So let the journey begin.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to dalal-street.in”

    1. Hi,
      It is awesome to see the comment on the first post of the blog, taking us back to May 2009 🙂 .

      It was a tough idea at that time to start a blog on Value Investing opportunities in India – but continuous feedback from our readers has kept us going.

      Yeah, the theme has been changed for the first time since inception and the bright colors feel energetic; while blue shows we are always optimistic.


      1. I did wonder where to comment on the new look and decided that this was appropriate 🙂

        I also tinker around with website design and usability and I’d say that this is definitely more readable.

        All the best!

  1. Hi Pratyush,

    No blog….just a bunch of reading and tinkering around 🙂 Worked on some (now) defunct sites for myself and friends.

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