Updates from the company visits & AGMs

During the past few weeks, we have been on the move to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and meet the companies we have been tracking. A lot of effort has been in re-understanding the companies and preparing proper questionnaires to get a bigger and longer term picture. We are in process of preparing detailed … Continue reading Updates from the company visits & AGMs

Updates for Financial Results 2012

Dear Friends, FY 2012 results are now out and the focus will shift towards earnings for FY13. Despite a very challenging market and weak economic conditions, we are happy with the financial results of the companies we track. Most of them have been able to report healthy growth and maintain their leaderships. Many of the … Continue reading Updates for Financial Results 2012

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd. – A safe midterm stock idea

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd. has posted an excellent set of numbers for FY 2012 and looks undervalued based on the improving financial numbers & growth ahead: Particulars Mar 12 Qtr Mar 11 Qtr % Variation FY 2012 FY 2011 % Variation Sales 161.87 127.80 26.70% 573.03 451.90 26.80% PBIDT 24.29 13.30 82.60% 66.69 40.76 63.60% Tax … Continue reading Manali Petrochemicals Ltd. – A safe midterm stock idea

Quarterly Results Update (Q3 FY12)

Q3 results have been generally good and most of our stock ideas have posted good performance. Here is a brief evaluation of their performance: 1. Balkrishna Ind: The company has yet again posted an excellent set of numbers and has surpassed the expectations. It is fantastic for a company with as large a turnover of … Continue reading Quarterly Results Update (Q3 FY12)

Portfolio shuffling…

It is important to re-evaluate the portfolio and weed out non-performers, or the stocks in which the story is not developing as expected, or switch to new ideas which look cheaper or have more value than others. We have exited from couple of our ideas over last few days: 1. Jocil – Initially discussed @ … Continue reading Portfolio shuffling…

Changes in Promoter Holding

Promoter’s Holding form a very important part in the stock analysis. Stocks with large Promoter Holding generally shows that a business is run by a family. The factor that usually works in favour of companies with large promoter holdings is the fair amount of confidence in the promoters. The reason is that promoters are holding … Continue reading Changes in Promoter Holding