Balkrishna Ind–Management Meet

Friends, we had posted about Balkrishna Ind (BKT) and highlighted about their superior business model when compared to the regular tire industry. The story has only become stronger and there is much more visibility on the growth ahead. Our friend Donald Francis visited BKT to get in-depth understanding on the company and get answers to … Continue reading Balkrishna Ind–Management Meet

Balkrishna Industries – Not just any regular tyre company

Its logical not to go for tyre companies as long term investment as the business model is not very attractive cause: 1. No competitive edge hence no pricing power and high competition 2. ROCE are low This is where Balkrishna Industry (BKT) stands out. This company has had a spectacular track record of: 1. Growing … Continue reading Balkrishna Industries – Not just any regular tyre company

Updates from the company visits & AGMs

During the past few weeks, we have been on the move to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and meet the companies we have been tracking. A lot of effort has been in re-understanding the companies and preparing proper questionnaires to get a bigger and longer term picture. We are in process of preparing detailed … Continue reading Updates from the company visits & AGMs

Results season – Hits and Misses

Quarterly results are good to introspect the stock ideas we are invested into. We review the performances to stay with winners and switch out of stocks where the companies are not performing as per expectations. It is heartening to notice good performances by most of the companies we are invested into. Gujarat Reclaim: – The … Continue reading Results season – Hits and Misses

Our stocks in Media

Usually most of our discussed stocks are mid-caps whose merits are generally unknown to the masses. Whenever there is coverage of these stocks by Media…they get due attention and often do well. Some of our stocks got wide coverage in last few days: 1. Asian Hotels: Will Asian Hotels’ shareholders gain after its demerger into … Continue reading Our stocks in Media