Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali

Diwali 2014

We wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali. Samvat 2070 has been a great year for investors and the future looks equally promising.

Lately, we haven’t been posting much because of the guidelines of SEBI on research analysts. The guidelines come at a needed stage as there is a lot of volatility and mis-selling by vested interests which cause harm to retail investors.

We are not sure about the impact of the guidelines on the blogs and forums and await for more clarity on rules and compliances.

Herewith, we are NOT expressing any opinion on any of the stocks. We are just providing an update on the quarterly numbers of stocks discussed earlier:

Shilpa Medicare: We attended the company’s AGM last month. The management is focused on Oncology space -a sector which requires a very long term vision. It takes a planning of at-least 6-8 years to be able to deliver the right product at the right time. Shilpa has been building a pipeline which is expected to bear fruits in over the next 2-3 years. (Detailed of the company have been discussed in earlier posts).

Kitex Garments: The company has declared an excellent Q2FY15 result. It is hard to find companies with such a good profitability, growth and leadership in niche segment. We would recommend our readers to listen to the company’ conference call.

Avanti Feeds: It is interesting to see Malabar India Fund take 1%+ stake in Avanti Feeds as per the latest shareholding pattern filed by the company. As per the industry articles, the segment continues to perform well. The recent cyclone in the state of AP and Orissa has not caused much damage to the shrimp industry.

Once again, we wish all our friends and their families a very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali.

Happy Investing!!!

  • bunny

    Sir, i very much dissappointed , all the while i was just waiting for your recommendations. I am also ok that your following the sebi rules. Anyway, I wish you very happy diwali.

  • Muthukumar

    Happy Diwali wishes Ayush and dalal-strreet.in team.

  • Roberto el S

    Hi Ayush,

    I wish your family and you a very happy Diwali!


  • Amitayu Ghosh

    Wish you ad your family a very happy and prosperous diwali

  • Jagadish

    Dear Ayush,
    Wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali.

  • Mahesh Vakharia

    Respected Dalal Street Team,
    I may Not Be writing you or asking questions ,I am a Silent follower of this Intelligent and Humane , ( high On Morale quoting) blog . It give immense pleasure to be a follower of such a nice blog. Ayushji , and all other great contributors ,”THE TEAM DALAL STREET BLOG”I wish you and your Family and all the Readers
    With due respect and regards

    Vakharia Mahesh

  • krishna

    Hi Aysuh,

    I have high respect to you and your blog. Very few others will have the morals that you follow.
    I am regular visitor to dalal street site hoping to get your new ideas.
    We are all hoping to get your new ideas rather than suggestions. We all have immense faith in your stock selection picks, which we won’t get anywhere else.
    Please share your opinion on Indian toners and developers.

    • Ayush

      Hi Krishna,

      As per our post above, we can’t discuss new ideas given the new SEBI Guidelines. We are awaiting more clarity and will go as per the rules.

      • Power Strong

        You can discuss on stock idea. Do not post as buy. Discussion will always help small investors like us. It is sad and depressing to see you blog in inactive state.

        • Ayush


          As per our discussion with some fellow investors, we are sure that a normal discussion won’t be considered as a opinion on a stock and ultimately fall under SEBI guidelines. Hence want to go safe as we are not carrying out a recommendation service here.

          • Chetan Jain

            Hi Ayush,

            Recently I started of reading value investing at safalniveshak and hit your site and seen the kind of generous service you provided to small retail investors. I missed the boat. You mentioned that you’re not carrying out a recommendation service here, why not. You have a great idea+intention to help others and not keep your knowledge limited to yourself and with a small fee ( just to cover any operation costs ) we will be able to get your insights.

            Happy New Year!!!!!!
            Chetan Jain

      • Krishna

        Hi Ayush,
        The decision is completely yours, but you always deserve my respect irrespective of your decision. God bless you and your father. Actually every day morning from the last 4 months i will visit dalal-street hoping to get new idea.

  • Joysurya Saha

    Dear Ayush,
    Wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali.

  • mahesh

    Thanks Ayush. Wish you and your family a very happy deepavali.

  • Hemant

    Wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali & New Year.

  • Niranjan

    Wish you a very happy diwali. I was going through http://performance.dalal-street.in/ and there I noticed that you have EXITED Shilpa medicare but your recent post suggests otherwise?

  • Jagadish

    Hi Ayush,

    What is your view on Praj Industries? The company is shifting to more of Waste Water treatment and going away from ethanol business. The CEO’s statements are quite positive. Attached is the link

    • Ayush

      Thanks for sharing the same. We haven’t tracked this co much….will have a look.

  • Jagadish

    Hi Niranjan,
    You would have seen the old update, 5 years ago. Around 1 years 2 months ago, it was buy and hold. Please check again.

  • Sahil

    hi ayush,

    can you tell me where can i find everything about a company from company news to article published on company or management in magazines and newspapers.

  • Sahil

    hello Sir,
    I am a shareholder in DHFL and i want to ask a few question to company’s management. How can i contact them except conference calls and interim results..?

    • Ayush

      You may try writing to the CS or the investor relations department of the co.

      • Sahil

        Thank you very much ayush

  • Srinivasan M

    You seem to have exited Acrysil. Any particular red flags you noticed or due to price increase ? Coz Iam accumulating it now…Thanks.

    • Ayush

      No red flags in particular. Just felt in between that the price had run up ahead of fundamentals and exited. The good nos came later.

      • Srinivasan M

        Ok thanks Ayush. Just asked for your esteemed opinion. I liked the co, the story, the fundamentals, negatives being warrant allocations, One subsidiary still posing losses. Yes, the market has identified the story and discounting it very highly.

  • jacck

    Its interesting to see Malabar India Fund take 1%+ stake in Avanti Feeds as per the latest shareholding pattern filed by the company


    Animation Notes

  • Pappu

    Hi Ayush,

    I find it odd that SEBI can restrict the right to share views on a stock, as long as you do not have insider information. Be as it may, I would like to congratulate you for the good job that your team has been doing over the past few years in running this blog. I am sure that there are others like me who have benefited greatly from your stock analysis.Wish you all the best for the future & keep blogging.

  • giridesh3

    Just a thought…regarding issues created by SEBI…will it work if some one writes his musings and thoughts on investing? Not as an advice like Buy or sell but post worded just as a thoughts in a journal. For example…If you write this blog as a journal and record your innermost thoughts on what you think and what you would “love to do” about some stock. How can it be construed as an advice. You are just telling others what you are thinking about a stock and what you would wish to do.
    Note- Sorry for my question but having scant regard for any overbearing authority I am prone to come up with such ideas and questions.

    • Ayush


      We have shared the link to the SEBI document above. If you read it carefully, then as per the wordings, everything is covered. We are not sure if a simple penning down of thoughts will not be constructed as an opinion on a stock.

  • Thanveer

    Dear Ayush,

    I have noticed a company named Suditi Industries in Textile Business. What I impressed most is that their unique way of business Expansion.

    Last year they got Apparel Right in India of FIFA world cup 2014, after the success of that event they have tied up with many prestigious Premier league football Club that includes Real Madrid, Arsenal & Manchester City as well they are in talk with couple of more clubs.

    By doing so they are aiming to find a new market segments as well as create a brand value of their Retail brand named “Riot”. They have around 15 retail outlets in India and tied up with many Retail Chains and online stores. If you read their last annual report we can understand that They are expecting 20 to 30% revenue growth in current fiscal year.

    Apart from this I have noticed 75% of the company shares holding by promoters in that around 70% holding by Single promoter.

    And for the dividend side last year they have given 0.50 Rs/Share dividend for 25% public share holders. Promoters hadn’t taken any. That is showing management friendly attitude towards the minority retail share holders.

    I wish you have a go through on it and will give your valuable feedback. Thanking you.

    • Ayush


      I was trying to look up on Riot, but couldn’t get much info. Can you please share details if any.

      Are they setting up retail stores for this part of business? What would be their business model around this?

      Any estimate as to how much of their total business would be from the traditional textile business i.e.. yarns etc?

  • jacck

    It is interesting to see Malabar India Fund take 1%+ stake in Avanti Feeds as per the latest shareholding pattern filed by the company. As per the industry articles, the segment continues to perform well. The recent cyclone in the state of AP and Orissa has not caused much damage to the shrimp industry.


    Animation Notes

  • quses

    i have noticed a company name quses industries
    i have no knowldge this field

  • Atul

    Hi Pratyush, what is breakup of G factor.. will a company gradually move with G factor of say 6 in one qtr to say 7/8 in next and so on so forth.. also how can I check what was the g factor of any company some time before say last qtr or a year ago..Many thanks in advance… also congratulations to you as all the stocks with G factor of 9 or 10 are daily hitting the UC’s

    • Hi Atul,

      G Factor is a ratio we created based on multiple parameters including YoY quarterly numbers, dividend yield, taxation etc. The criteria are often revised once in an year.

      Hope that helps,

      • Atul

        Thanks a lot Pratyush, for a quick response. However, I would like to know if the G factor movement of any stock is gradual or it changes every time the company comes out with results (random based on results). In later case the stock cannot be identified in advance. I do acknowledge that lot of effort would have gone in creating the proprietary G factor and respect your rights to keep the details but if you can guide on the former part, it will help identify good stocks to invest as chasing for stocks running on UC’s is not the best idea for a common investor like me.. Regds, Atul

        • Hi Atul, the G Factor is based on the quarterly results. It cannot to identified in advance.

          The upper circuits are totally co-incidental and we don’t recommend trading based on any of the screen results.


      • dharmesh desai

        hi, i am learning to find comapany for investing.What ratio’s and what shall i look for in financial statement?

        • Ayush

          I would suggest you to visit websites like safalniveshak.com and valuepickr.com to learn more.

  • AryaN

    Hey can check about Forbes Company .. Highly undervalued stock . low float may be the reason .
    Recently they announced about developing the land which would fetch good returns .
    And if they plan to come up with Eureka Forbes IPO and Forbes Technosys IPO
    Both field looks for long term .
    I have invested in the stock from 550 levels and added more at 800 .yearly numbers don’t look so good but I can hold on to the stock for next 3 years

  • Tejas

    Hi Pratush……in very recent i have come across ur blog and found ur views are excellant really salute to u……i m big fan of Avanti Feeds but offlate share has come down from 2100 to 1750….is there any doubt of its Q3 result?…just like waterbase of same sector posted bad Q2..

  • Shashi

    Hi Ayush,
    Instead of posting stock specific details. Kindly share how to pyramid, how to handle microcaps, identify them, how to develop conviction?

  • in time

    HI Ayush,
    Did u track KSS lts. They have ambitious plan of opening 500 miniplex theatres in Tier-II&III cities. Currentely they have only 17 theatres. So growth plan looks ambitious

    • Ayush

      Sorry, we don’t track the same

  • Mallikarjun


    Can you check screener.in/talks..

    Some one is just posting trading calls on talks..

    ( http://valuefundamentalinvestor.blogspot.in/2014/11/intraday-postion-calls-for-28112014.html?m=1 )

    by the name Prànab P..

    • Hi Mallik, thanks for alert. I will look into it and try to add an auto moderation module for it.

  • sabe

    hi, i would like to know a ratio of aveage receivables turnover in which we can have average of TTM and last year trade receivables and also trade receivables last year and trade receivables of preceding years as well. I could not do it.. Pls help.

    • Hi Sabe, you can use these three variables for this purpose:

      Debtor days
      Debtor days 3years back
      Debtor days 5years back

      Hope that helps.

  • DDR

    Eagerly waiting for new posts.The post about interesting microcaps was excellent.expecting more of such in future.wonderful blog.

    • Nasirul Amin

      SEBI is spoiling the mood. To safegaurd gullible investors it’s attacking sane & knowledgeable ones too.

  • Nasirul Amin

    Diageo and other liquor companies are sponsoring road safety ads. You too can do something like that. Just kidding. I wonder if you could register with SEBI or I would be happy if you at least teach us how you come up with stock ideas instead. Yes, this blog is the reason why I made profit when market was in turmoil and continue to profit from both long term & short term ideas.

  • priya

    Dear Ayush,
    Please say the stock about SALONACOTSPIN and FALCON TYRE
    can I hold this stock for long term????