Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year

Dear readers,

We wish you a very Happy and Prosperous new year. While in 2010, markets performed quite well with a return exceeding 17%, we wish, 2011 is even better.

We are awaiting for the quarterly results ending December’10, about which we are optimistic. Since most of the things were positive in the last 3 months, the same should bring lots of cheers.

We loved your support and your valuable comments were our yardstick of efforts. As Dad always wanted to have a community of like-minded value investors, the blog has helped us in building the same.

We are in process of releasing some very useful tools for value investors in 2011 and keep the community growing.

Lots of wishes from Dalal-Street Team.

  • Vikrant

    Thank you very much Dalal-Street Team, Wish you, and your entire team, rather family a very prosperous new year ahead.

    Thank you for the wonderful work.


    • Thanks Vikrant for the wishes 🙂 .

  • Vishalkejriwal

    wish you and your team very happy new year.


    • Thanks Vishal for the wishes 🙂

  • Random Guy

    Wish you all a great 2011!!

    • Thanks Random Guy for the wishes 🙂

  • Nariender Kumar

    To : Hon’ble “Dalal Street” Team (Respected MITTALs & ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY)

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your continued guidance in providing value investing advices to Dalal Street community members. I became a member of “Dalal Street’ during last year only and must say that I have started to gain/learn the way how Investments are to be made, with conviction, in fundamentally strong scripts with promising future growth and sound managements. Kudos to ALL of you.

    Receiprocating your best wishes, I wholeheartedly wish you, All, a brighter and sparkling New Year-2011 filled with great joy, peace, prosperity and success.

    With best regards & Warm Wishes,
    Narinder Kumar

    • Thanks a lot Narinder for the wishes. We are highly inspired by your email and will try to share more value picks in 2011. Please share your favourite picks etc.


  • I wish the entire Dalal-Street Team a very Happy New Year, you guys are truly great and well-versed. Keep up the excellent work and All the best for ongoing 2011.

    • Ayush

      Thanks, Mayur. All the very best to you also…have a great year ahead.

  • Shravanrayhaanpaul

    happy new year dalaal-street guys,

  • Now April. How is 2011 going on? I wish you all success dalal-street. I am visiting this site for past 5 month. You providing very useful information for me. Thanks.